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Custom Luxury Cars for Sale in Charlotte

Luxury cars are vehicles that offer the highest level of comfort, performance, and quality. Rare luxury cars are limited in production and availability, making them highly sought-after by car enthusiasts. These vehicles often come with higher price tags due to their exclusivity and rarity, but they also boast features and design elements that may not be found in other cars.

If you are looking for the ultimate driving experience, then consider checking out the selection of custom luxury cars for sale in Charlotte at Koenigsegg Charlotte. From classic models to modern masterpieces, you’ll find something that stands out from the crowd. Whether you’re searching for an exotic or sleek sports car, we are sure to have something that catches your eye. Let’s look at a few of the cars from a large selection.

Mercedes Benz 190SL

Our dealership is proud to offer a classic Mercedes-Benz 190SL. This model is an iconic sports car that has been around since 1954.

Technical Specs

The Mercedes-Benz 190SL is a legendary car that shows what German engineering was like at the time. It has a code M 121 B II inline four-cylinder engine that runs on gasoline and has two Solex 44 PHH carburetors. Its bore and stroke are 85.00 x 83.58 mm, its displacement is 1897 cm3, respectively, and it has eight valves.

It has a solid 8.8:1 compression ratio and can generate 155 NM of torque and 104 HP at 5800 rpm. The 190SL features a 4-speed manual transmission for optimal performance and a rear-wheel drivetrain. All things considered, the Mercedes-Benz 190SL is an incredible engineering achievement from the past that is still current today.

Other Features

The two-door car with a 240 cm wheelbase, 429 cm length, 174 cm width, and 132 cm height, the venerable Mercedes Benz SL (W121) 190 SL is a classic. There is undoubtedly plenty of space in this car. Its 15.6-inch ground clearance makes driving more convenient. Its brake system, which consists of 230 mm drum brakes on both the front and back wheels, more than makes up for its unfortunate lack of an aerodynamic drag coefficient.

The car’s front and back wheels are 5 inches wide, which helps it keep a firm grip on the road even in the tightest turns. Even though it is huge, it has a low curb weight of 1140 kg and a high power-to-weight ratio of 10.9 kg/hp. This gives it the great performance you would expect from a Mercedes Benz. Also, your trunk can hold anything you choose, giving you plenty of space for your trips.

Land Rover Defender

Are you looking for a vehicle that perfectly combines elegance and off-road ability? Look at our selection of Land Rover Defenders for an example. This 1973 Series III is painted in a gorgeous shade of green that looks wonderful with a clean tan interior.

Engine and Transmission

If you desire the freedom of navigating your path and a reliable vehicle to take you there, the Series III Rover is the perfect companion. It boasts a solid 4-speed manual transmission to tackle any terrain and a 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine that can power through the Saharan desert dunes, muddy plains, or onward toward the Rocky Mountains. Experience your journey with control and comfort—it’s as easy as shifting into gear and hitting the road!


Travel in ultimate comfort with a Land Rover. With its short wheelbase, you can maneuver through tight spots that larger vehicles can’t. But be aware of the small size. This car is spacious enough to store all your excavation equipment in the back hatch and still has room for a few rear jump seats, so you can bring extra passengers along for the ride.

Safety Features

The Land Rover Defender also has plenty of safety features. It has an anti-lock braking system that prevents skidding and a collapsible steering column for added protection in case of an accident. The vehicle also has a 4-wheel drive and automatic traction control, which helps you stay in control on slippery surfaces.

If you’re looking for a simple car with a good reputation all around the world, this off-roader is the one you want to get. An AM/FM radio, later model black Land Rover wheels, all-terrain tires, a spare tire with a cover, and other accessories are available. You can also find the 1991 Land Rover Defender Series 3 in the inventory, with black exterior and gray interior colors.

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If you’ve dreamed of owning a rare luxury dream car in Charlotte, we welcome you to Koenigsegg Charlotte and look forward to assisting you in your car-buying needs. Our selection features some of the most iconic vehicles in Charlotte, such as the Mercedes Benz 190SL and Land Rover Defender. We also specialize in providing our customers with clean, original examples to add to their luxury collections. So, take advantage of this opportunity to get one of these rare vehicles within your own garage! If you’re interested in taking a closer look at our selection of custom luxury cars for sale in Charlotte, visit our website today and enjoy the best car-buying experience.