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Koenigsegg Jesko

A New Heart

Koenigsegg has always endeavored to reach new heights of driving greatness. They engineer every vehicle to outperform its competitors and predecessors. The Koenigsegg Jesko is the latest in this proud legacy. For drivers seeking the ultimate performance, this is the quintessential vehicle. This megacar applies all Koenigsegg has mastered on the track to a vehicle suited for the streets. An eye-catching beast on the road, the Jesko packs unprecedented power into a sports car. Enjoy the finest driving experience you can get on the open road. Come into Koenigsegg Charlotte to discover the exceptional capabilities of the Jesko.

This supercharged vehicle achieves unprecedented heights. A brand new 5.0-liter V8 engine can produce over 1,280 horsepower. At 12.5 kilos, the V8 crankshaft has set new a new mark as the lightest in the world. Thanks to this, you can expect more power and greater efficiency. Other improvements include a 9-speed transmission, active rear-wheel steering and advanced aerodynamics that produce over 1,000 kg of downforce. Inside, the carbon fiber chassis allows the driver more comfort and better visibility. All these factors make the Jesko one of the world’s most exciting and pleasurable cars to drive.

Design & Aerodynamics

Although Koenigsegg designed the Jesko for street driving, it maintains the heart of a racer. The reimagined monocoque is now larger to give drivers increased leg and head room. However, it does not compromise on performance, designed to impress on the track and the highway. Plus, the Jesko was tested comprehensively to ensure it meets strict safety requirements. Furthermore, the car utilizes Koenigsegg’s Triplex Suspension system, allowing the car’s rear to lower during hard acceleration. Add to this active rear steering and it becomes clear that the maneuverability of the Jesko is second to none.

While sitting in the driver’s seat, the Jesko puts you in total control. The interior is fitted with the latest technology and outstanding luxury. You can find everything from a revolutionary hydraulic system to automatic doors and comfortable heated seats. The Jesko also introduces the brand new SmartWheel. Now, drivers can adjust several features with a simple touch or swipe. Two touchscreens embedded into the steering wheel feature haptic feedback. This means you can utilize these small screens while remaining focused on the road.

Elite performance

On the street or the track, the Koenigsegg Jesko achieves exceptional new heights. Designed for unmatched performance and engineered to thrill, the Jesko makes no compromises. This vehicle promises an outstanding driving experience even the most experienced drivers will thoroughly enjoy. All Koenigsegg vehicles were designed to surpass even the highest expectations. Get behind the wheel of the exclusive Jesko today at Koenigsegg Charlotte.