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Sports Car Parts And Servicing In Charlotte

Looking for expert sports car parts and servicing in Charlotte? Our dealership offers a range of services specifically designed to meet the needs of high-end sports cars. Whether you need routine maintenance or major repairs, our extremely knowledgeable team has the expertise and understanding to do the job correctly.

So if you’re looking for a reliable auto repair shop and servicing in Charlotte, look no further than our dealership. Contact Koenigsegg Charlotte today to learn more about our great customer service and schedule an appointment with one of our experts!

Expert Sports Car Maintenance

Are you looking for expert sports car maintenance in Charlotte, NC? Our dealership specializes in servicing and maintaining high-end cars such as Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Lamborghini, and McLaren. You can do a top-quality car service in the Charlotte area at competitive prices.

Avoid the mistakes and risks of doing your own maintenance; instead, turn to our highly trained experts. Our technicians have years of background working on some of the most advanced sports cars in the world, so you can rely on us to acquire the service done right.

Some of the maintenance services we offer are:

Coolant & Oil Levels

The coolant system regulates the temperature of your sports car, while the oil system lubricates its various components. That’s why it’s essential to keep these levels in check. We can check and adjust oil and coolant levels as needed for maintenance.

Tire & Wheel Inspection

Your sports car’s tires and wheels are vital to its performance on the road. If your tires don’t have enough tread or are in poor condition, they could increase the risk of an accident or cause decreased fuel efficiency. Our team will inspect your tires and wheels to ensure they’re in top condition.

Suspension System Check

The suspension system allows your sports car to absorb and react to bumps in the road. That’s why it’s important to ensure that this system is functioning properly, and we can help you do that. Our team will thoroughly inspect every component of your suspension system, ensuring it is up to par.

Maintain Air Filter

An air filter keeps debris out of your sports car’s engine, making it essential to its performance. If this is not regularly replaced, dust and other contaminants could build up inside the engine and lead to decreased efficiency or even damage. Our team can inspect your air filter and replace it if necessary.

Headlights Cleaning

Your car’s headlights are an essential safety feature; after all, they allow you to see and be seen on the road. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your headlights are in good condition. Our team can clean and polish them, ensuring that they’re bright and clear at all times.


We also furnish waxing services to keep your sports car looking its best. So whether you’re examining for an easy wash or an entire detailing, we have the tools and expertise to do the job right. This is the perfect way to protect your vehicle and ensure it remains fantastic for years.

Check Power Steering Fluid

We can also check your power steering fluid to ensure it’s in good condition. This important part allows you to steer the car easily and prevents the risk of breaking down on the road.

Routine Services

Routine oil changes and other routine services are of paramount importance when it comes to keeping your sports car in peak condition. Regular maintenance is key to avoiding costly repairs down the road, so our experienced technicians can provide everything you need.

We offer a range of routine oil changes and servicing options, depending on your vehicle type.

Oil Change

We provide routine oil change services, helping to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. This easy procedure can be accomplished quickly, keeping you on the road without interruptions.

Tire Alignment

A tire alignment ensures that your sports car’s wheels are correctly aligned to handle bumps in the road properly and respond quickly to steering control. If your car isn’t properly aligned, it can increase the risk of accidents and wear out your tires much faster. Our team can perform a thorough tire alignment to keep you safe on the road.

Tire Pressure

In addition to regular inspections, it’s also necessary to ensure that your tires are correctly inflated. Low pressure can lead to increased wear and tear, while high pressure can cause a decrease in fuel efficiency. Our team will measure your tire pressures and recommend the appropriate changes based on your individual car’s needs.

Comprehensive Engine Services

We completed a comprehensive engine overhaul for a high-end sports car, including a water pump, substituting the timing belt and spark plugs. As a result, the engine is now running like new.

Replacing Timing Belt

The essential part of an engine is the timing belt, which ensures proper functioning and helps prevent the risk of a major breakdown on the road. Our team can replace your timing belt quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your engine always performs at its best.

Water Pump

Another crucial part of an engine is the water pump, which keeps the car running at the proper temperature. Suppose your water pump needs to perform properly. In that case, it could lead to overheating and other issues that compromise the performance of your engine. We can replace your water pump quickly and efficiently, getting you back on the road with no hassle.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs play an essential role in your vehicle’s performance. They allow for quick starts and help your engine run at optimal levels. So if you notice that your car is experiencing issues starting up or running smoothly, it could be because of your spark plugs issue. Our experts can inspect these components to ensure they are in good condition and replace them as needed to help improve performance.

Ready Your Sports Car For Sports Season

If you’re glancing for ways to get your sports car ready for the upcoming season, look for our team in Charlotte. With a wide range of services designed specifically for high-end sports cars, we can help you get your vehicle in top condition in no time.